Urushi no Irodorは漆器に馴染みのない方にも気軽にお使いいただけるようにデザインした漆器ブランドです。 豊かな色合いと木目・刷毛目をいかした手作りの質感が特徴で、使うたびに表情が味わい深くなります。 並べたり重ねたりして食卓や食器棚に置けば、日常に鮮やかな彩りとアクセントをもたらし、また他の素材の食器と組み合わせて使う事でそれぞれの素材の良さも引き立てます。是非、漆器を暮らしのいろんなシーンでお使いください。

Urushi no Irodor is lacquerware brand that was designed to able to use feel free to contact for those who do not familiar to lacquerware. In rich colors and wood-brush marks the hippest handmade texture features, facial expression will be tasteful in every time you use. If you put in or overlaid or side by side on the table and cupboard, it brings vivid color and accent to everyday, Also it brings out even the goodness of each material by use in combination with other materials of tableware. By all means, please use the lacquerware in various scenes of life.

ラインナップ | Lineup

  • カップ シリーズ | Cups


    Lacquerware of charm is also on the goodness of the taste.
    Pleasantly soft texture of eat and lacquer to put such as coffee and tea in CUP, will be fun time for more tea.
    Green body I am also excellent in insulation since it has produced in wood.

    size: ø74mm × h80mm
    color: pink, gray, green, blue, yellow, purple

  • マメザラ シリーズ | Dishes


    PLATE as Mamesara Post a such as cookies, dried fruit and sweets, as SAUCER in combination with CUP,
    You can use it in any shoe Chue Activation regardless Japanese and Western.

    size: ø117mm × h16mm
    color: pink, gray, green, blue, yellow, purple



After washing it with a detergent to a soft sponge, wipe gently moisture with a dry cloth. If you’ll use long it will come out moist and deep gloss lacquer surface. It is okay in the natural drying firmly off the moisture. Handling of lacquerware is not difficult, please use in the same way as your dishes everyday.
※ lacquerware is tough, but it may break if or hit or dropped in the same way as other materials of tableware. The use of microwave and dishwasher so foundation has produced a natural wood is not recommended. Please avoid direct sunlight.